Swift hypnotherapy can support you to

  • manage stress

  • reach your full potential

  • achieve your goals

  • improve performance and efficiency

  • make positive, lasting changes to how you feel

  • feel in control of yourself and your life

  • move on from self doubt and anxiety

  • build confidence

  • feel happier!

Swift Hypnotherapy offers clinical hypnotherapy to help people with a wide range of issues; including depression, weight management, smoking cessation, pain management, and many other commonly experienced problems. Solution focused hypnotherapy can transform the effects of anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, fears & phobias and encourage feelings of motivation, strength, courage and improved wellbeing.

I support people to find their own long term solutions to the problems they face; supporting and empowering them to move forward and rediscover who they really are; feeling calmer, more energized and focused.


‘I had seen a counsellor in the past but felt very much like just another client in whom the counsellor had little genuine interest. ¬† I observed how deeply you listened to me and how you delivered a therapy that was tailored specifically for me and my needs. I struggled with being assertive and setting boundaries, I was depleted and lacking in confidence. I now feel happy in saying no and in caring for myself without feeling guilty, and as a consequence I feel more calm, energized and markedly more confident.’

Jane, Redruth

‘Hypnotherapy has completely changed me for the better. I came to you as a very negative person and fairly uptight. People comment on how much more chilled I am! I came to you with the goal of getting myself back into work, with your help I have done ¬†this without my anxieties ruining me. All I can really say is thank you!’

Leanne, Plymouth