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Solution focused – for you

At Swift Hypnotherapy, clients are supported to make their own decisions about the changes they would like to
see in their lives, by shifting their attention away from the problem, so they can begin to focus on finding
their own solutions.


Hypnotherapy can help you:
• build confidence
• make positive, lasting changes to how you feel
• feel in control of yourself and your life
• move on from trauma and fears
• reach your full potential
• achieve your goals
• improve performance
• feel happier!


A typical session would use the powerful combination of Brain Based Therapy and gentle hypnosis or trance to help you achieve your goals. Trance is a completely natural state of mind that we all go into many times a day, such as when we are driving a familiar route, running or simply day dreaming.

During a state of hypnotic trance within a hypnotherapy session you will feel deeply and pleasantly relaxed, while remaining aware of your surroundings and in full control of yourself at all times.

Your progress is evaluated each session – by you, using specially designed outcome measuring software. This confidential useful tool helps us both track your progress week by week and lets you see for yourself how far you have come.


I am a fully qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, working as an Associate Practitioner at the renowned Observatory Practice on The Hoe, in Plymouth.

Prior to practicing as a Hypnotherapist, I studied aspects of neurology, biomedical science and physiotherapy at degree level. I have a longstanding fascination with the way our minds work, and how having a better understanding of ourselves and our brains helps people become happier and more fulfilled in all areas of their lives. I worked for many years in the fields of Mental Health Rehabilitation, and Neurological & Brain Injury Rehabilitation, before training as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist.

I chose to specialise in Hypnotherapy after using it myself and being astonished at how fast, painless and transformative it is! I enjoy combining the factual nature of neuroscience with the creative qualities of trance work, relaxation and metaphor.

I am registered with The National Council for Hypnotherapy, The Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and the National Board for Modern Psychotherapy. In addition to this I hold an enhanced DBS check, full insurance, and attend regular supervision and further professional training.

I look forward to working with you, Kate


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