Swift Hypnotherapy offers a professional and bespoke solution to a wide range of issues; facilitating growing confidence, healthier choices and improved general wellbeing. Working together we will uncover your own unique solutions, empowering you to move forward to achieving your goals in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

All hypnosis is actually self hypnosis and there is nothing mysterious about it at all. Trance or hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind which we all go into many times a day, when we are relaxed and at the same time focusing our attention, for example when we are driving a familiar route, watching television or simply day dreaming. Within a safe therapeutic setting, your therapist will guide you into a deep relaxed state. This will allow us to access your subconscious mind and support the positive changes you want to create. During a state of hypnotic trance within a hypnotherapy session you will feel deeply and pleasantly relaxed, while remaining aware of your surroundings and in full control of yourself at all times. This state of relaxation reduces the stress held in the body and mind, which in turn leads to the subconscious mind becoming more receptive to new ways of thinking.

Hypnotherapy is a fast and gentle way to make fantastic changes in your life. The solution focused approach used allows you to move forward without having to pull up painful memories of the past. Due of the forward thinking nature of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, the length of time you would typically see me is significantly less than the duration of many other talking therapies such as counselling or psychotherapy. As well as this, using Brain Based Therapy, I will teach you how your mind can work either for you or against you, and how to overcome this. Arming you with this knowledge will ensure that the changes you make during our sessions are long-lasting and easy for you to build upon in the future.

Solution Focused Therapy (also known as Solution Focused Brief Therapy) is a type of psychotherapy where the emphasis is placed on finding and implementing solutions, rather than focusing on the actual problems. While it is important we understand what the problem is and how it is affecting you, Solution Focused Therapy will not focus on the issue itself. Instead we will concentrate on creating a way for you to move forward – without this problem impacting on your future. Your past, and the influence it has had on you, is gently acknowledged, however, there will be no need to delve into painful or traumatic memories and feelings. Solution Focused Therapy sessions are firmly grounded in the present, and we will work towards shaping your future so these problems have a minimal impact on your life. A key feature of Solution Focused Therapy is the understanding that significant changes can be made, and felt, in a relatively short space of time.

“The goal of Solution Focused Brief Therapy is to find and implement a solution to the problem or problems as soon as possible to minimise the time spent in therapy and, more importantly, time spend struggling or suffering” (Antin 2016)


Brain Based Therapy is an evidence based therapy which supports clients to maximise the effects of important neurotransmitters to positively effect mood, behaviour and thought patterns. Brain Based Therapy is a natural and powerful therapeutic technique which improves the function of your brain so that your body can heal and restore itself naturally. This therapeutic process enables you to gradually and gently rewire the brain to positively affect your mood and make changes to your habits and behaviours. This well respected technique, using the latest research by neuroscientists, is highly effective and ensures that changes you choose to make to your way of thinking and behaviour are long lasting and easy to maintain.

Yes! Hypnosis (or trance) is a completely natural state of mind which is accessible to absolutely everyone. We all go into trace many times each day, for example when we read a book, driving a very familiar route or maybe when you go for a walk or run. Some studies even say that we all go into trance once every 7 minutes! This natural mental state, similar to sleep, can be induced during therapy sessions by a qualified hypnotherapist who will support you to relax deeply while focusing your attention attention on your specific goals.

Absolutely not! Throughout your time in trance you will remain in complete control of your self, your mind and your body. Should you need to you can open your eyes at any point and come out of hypnosis, feeling fully alert and refreshed.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is one of the few talking therapies which consistently records how you are progressing, session by session. Using specially designed, confidential software, each session you will record how you are feeling in a variety of different areas of your life. This data is transformed instantly into easy to read formats such as graphs and bar charts showing your progress week on week. These mean that we can both see your progress at any time and make sure everything is going well for you. Most clients find this way of measuring outcomes very useful and a powerful visual tool.

In addition to this, you will know that hypnotherapy is working is because you will feel different! Clients frequently say that there is a moment when they suddenly realise that they are thinking in a new and more positive way, and that their life is easier and better. They also report that these changes they feel are being commented upon by friends, family, colleagues and sometimes even health professionals, who all witness a happier and more confident version of the person they know blossoming before their eyes.

Online therapy has become increasingly popular and accepted during the recent health crisis, but in actual fact it was growing in popularity prior to this for a variety of talking therapie    Online hypnotherapy has the obvious benefit that you, the client, don’t even have to leave your house! This often makes it easier to fit around your work or family commitments, and means that the support you need is accessible to you even if you are self isolating or shielding. All you need is a phone, tablet or computer with a webcam, a private space where you won’t be interrupted for an hour, and a place to lie down and get yourself comfortable.

There is a growing body of research and evidence demonstrating that hypnotherapy online can be just as effective as face to face sessions, and that many clients find that they actually prefer it.

A typical session of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a very uplifting and positive experience. It uses the powerful combination of Brain Based Therapy and light hypnosis or trance to help you achieve whatever change you would like to see in your life. You will be encouraged to focus on the positive aspects of your life, and I will support you in identifying small yet significant goals, completely personal to you, which will begin to create the changes you want to see in your life. Unlike many other talking therapies, Solution focused hypnotherapy does not linger on painful or traumatic events in your past but instead looks to the future. While honouring that these events are an integral part of your history, our focus will be how we can use this present moment to create positive changes and begin to build the future you would like to see.

The initial consultation is an informal chat. This a great opportunity for you to ask me any questions you may have, and to learn a bit more about hypnotherapy itself.

I’d really like to discover more about who you are, what makes you tick and what you would like to achieve through hypnotherapy. This is also an opportunity for you to discover who I am and to check that you are comfortable working with me.

In addition to this, it is important that I explain to you a bit about how the mind works, how the issues you are struggling with have been created by your brain and, most importantly, how we can resolve this problem through working together.

During a typical hypnotherapy session we work together to help you to identify areas of your life right now where small steps or changes can be made. This will help you move forward towards your desired goal. These tiny changes are very powerful because they are chosen by you, and are realistic and achievable for you.

Following this, you will make yourself comfortable on the couch and I will guiding you into a state of relaxing trance. This a state created by the powerful combination of relaxing guided visualisation and focused attention – which is safe and achievable for everyone. This will help you effortlessly and naturally change the way you think about situations and very quickly you will start noticing the changes you are creating in your life.

Online therapy

Online therapy has in many ways become the new normal in recent months. These sessions take place via an encrypted video call between a client in their own home and the therapist working from their therapy room as usual. This format ensures the same professionalism and confidentiality from the therapist, without the client needing to leave the safety and comfort of their home. Prior to the scheduled session, the client receives an email containing a link and password to access a private, secure meeting, which will start at the arranged appointment time.

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